How to calculate cost amount of message?
Example A: If you push a message, no client receive it. It will count 1 message.
Example B: If you push a message, 3 clients receive it. It will count 1+3 = 4 messages.
How to caclulate the concurrent connections?
You have a application, at the same time, you only open one browser window, you have 1 concurrent connection.
With the first browser window opened, you open 2 more browser windows, you have 3 concurrent connections now.
If you closed 2 of 3 windows, your concurrent connection will reduce to 1.
With 1 remain browser window opened, you open 5 new browser windows, the concurrent connection will be 6 right now.
Does GoEasy support one-to-one message sending?
Of course it supports and very easy! If you have two users A and B, you want send a message to user A, but keeping the B out of this message. you need two steps:
1. User A subscribes the channel_user_a, user B subscribes the channel_user_b.
2. You only send message to channel_user_a. Then the user B will not get this message.
Note: channel_user_a is just a fake name here as example, you could name the channel with the user's id or uuid.
How many channels could you create?
You don’t have to create a channel, you just use the channel as you want. One application could have unlimited channel amount.
But for better user experience, we suggest it’s not more than 8.
Is the appkey safe on the web page?
For free trail application. you could use javascript obfuscation to avoid other guys fetching your appkey.
For premium application, you could use GoEasy-OTP, GoEasy-OTP will prevent anyone fetch the appkey to do illegal operation. For more details, you could see GoEasy-Reference.
When current concurrent connections exceed your max concurrent connections, what will happen?
Assume your max concurrent connections amount is 100.
When the 101st client tries to connect GoEasy, this client will: 1. could not connect to GoEasy   2. could not send message   3. could not receive message, but it will not take other problems on your page.
If 20 browser windows are closed, 20 connections will be released and then 20 new connections could be connected to GoEasy server.
When concurrent connections approach the max concurrent connections, or the message will be out of usage, will the system remind you?
When either concurrent connections or consumed message amount arrive 83% of total amount, the system will send SMS to remind you making upgrade or purchase additional messages.
After upgrading or purchasing additional messages, will the new package or additional messages be available immediately?
After you finish your upgrade or additional messages payment successfully, the new package or additional messages will be available in 5 minutes.